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Monuments for Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, NJ

Established over a century ago, Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, New Jersey provides a serene final resting place for those who have passed. With its well-maintained grounds sprawling over 200 acres and a nonsectarian approach, it accommodates families of diverse faiths and backgrounds. It’s a place rich with history, just outside of the vibrant New York City area, and features amenities such as mausoleums, chapels, and a crematory.

We at Monroe Monuments take pride in crafting and providing quality monuments for loved ones interred at Laurel Grove Cemetery. Our experience in serving Morris County, New Jersey, has equipped us with deep knowledge of the various regulations and requirements specific to Laurel Grove Cemetery. We offer a wide range of memorial types, from upright headstones and flat grave markers to slant markers, child markers, and bronze plaques. Our selection extends to granite monuments and an array of headstones, including single, companion, and family options, as well as memorial benches designed to honor and remember those who have passed.

Beyond creating these lasting tributes, our service encompasses meticulous installation and setting of the monuments at Laurel Grove Cemetery. We understand the importance of ensuring that every detail is attended to with respect and professionalism. For those monuments that have stood the test of time, we also provide refinishing and restoration services, revitalizing older headstones to their former dignity and elegance. Our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive array of services illustrates our dedication to honoring each individual’s life and legacy.

History and Significance

In this section, we will explore the origins and the enduring legacy of the Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, NJ, encompassing its founding and notable monuments.

Founding of Laurel Grove Cemetery

Our exploration begins in March 1872 when the Hinchliffe family established Laurel Grove Cemetery. For over a century, we managed this final resting place for the community, which originated with a 145-acre property. In the 1920s, to accommodate the growing need for memorials, we expanded, integrating an adjacent 55-acre dairy farm into our grounds. Today, Laurel Grove stands as a testament to our enduring commitment to offering a dignified final resting place in New Jersey.

Notable Monuments and Interments

At Monroe Monuments, we are proud to craft and offer a diverse array of monuments that not only respect the memory of those interred but also add to the historical fabric of Laurel Grove Cemetery. Our offerings include:

  • Upright Headstone Monuments: Traditional and enduring
  • Flat Markers and Slant Markers: For a subtler remembrance
  • Child Markers and Bronze Plaques: Specialized memorials
  • Granite Monuments: Customizable and robust
  • Single, Companion, and Family Headstones: Personalized for individuals or groups
  • Memorial Benches: Providing reflective spaces within the cemetery

Our products range from elegant single headstones to companion headstones and spacious family headstones. Additionally, we provide personalized memorial benches that serve as serene spots for reflection within the cemetery. With our onsite installation and setting service, and expertise in refinishing and restoration of older headstones, we ensure each monument stands as a fitting tribute for years to come.

Cemetery Features

Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, New Jersey offers a variety of memorial options to honor loved ones. Our features cater to all faiths and include a diverse range of monuments, serene mausoleums and chapels, as well as crematory services.

Types of Monuments

At Monroe Monuments, we understand the importance of commemorating those who have passed. Our showroom provides a wide array of monuments, crafted from durable granite to withstand the test of time. Here is what we offer:

  • Upright Headstone Monuments: These traditional structures stand tall and can be personalized.
  • Flat Markers and Slant Markers: Offer a more subtle tribute lying flat or at a slight angle.
  • Child Markers and Bronze Plaques: Specially designed for young souls or can be affixed to various surfaces.
  • Single, Companion, and Family Headstones: To mark individual graves or shared family plots.
  • Memorial Benches: A unique and functional option allowing visitors to reflect.

Our team also provides installation and setting services, ensuring each monument is placed with care.

Mausoleums and Chapels

Our mausoleums are a testament to the architectural beauty and peaceful repose they provide. They serve as a dignified option for above-ground entombment. Similarly, our chapels, designed to accommodate various ceremonies, are open to all faiths, providing a sanctuary for contemplation and remembrance.

Crematory Facilities

The crematory at Laurel Grove is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to serve families who choose cremation. Understanding the various needs of our community, we ensure that our services are carried out with respect and dignity. Our staff’s experience ensures that families are supported through every step of the process.

Services Provided

At Monroe Monuments, we are committed to providing comprehensive services to honor and preserve the memory of your loved ones. Our services include a variety of monument options and assistance with cemetery arrangements, including cremation services and support with photo requests and documentation.

Cremation Services

Monroe Monuments offers a range of cremation-related products including:

We assist with the seamless placement of these markers at Laurel Grove Cemetery, which includes its own crematory facilities for those who opt for cremation. Our team understands the importance of a respectful and dignified remembrance and ensures that every detail is handled with care.

Photo Request and Documentation

Photograph Services:

  • Request Fulfillment: We attend to photo requests promptly, capturing high-quality images of the memorials.
  • Photo Documentation: Ensuring current and accurate photographs for distant family members or genealogical research.

Our staff is experienced in facilitating the documentation process for families and researchers alike. We provide photographs as part of our dedication to preserving the memories and details of the monuments entrusted to our care.

Visiting and Resources

When planning a visit to Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, NJ, it’s important to consider the accessibility of the location and the resources available for commemorating loved ones. We’ll guide you through what you need to know about getting there and the options you have for monuments and markers.

Location and Accessibility

Laurel Grove Cemetery is situated in Totowa, NJ, within the county of Passaic. This nonsectarian cemetery is easily accessible for families and individuals coming from both the local area and from out of town, including New York City. Here are the specific details for visiting:

  • Address: 295 Totowa Rd, Totowa, NJ 07512
  • Accessibility:
    Feature Availability
    Parking Ample parking is provided for visitors
    Public Transport Accessible via local public transportation
    Roads & Pathways Well-maintained for easy navigation

The cemetery offers a tranquil environment with a variety of features, including traditional grave sites and mausoleums. For those looking to mark the resting place of a loved one, Monroe Monuments provides a wide array of options. Our high-quality, handcrafted monuments range from classic upright headstones and flat markers to personalized memorial benches. Our offerings in monuments and grave markers include:

  • Types of Monuments:
    • Upright headstone monuments
    • Grave markers flat markers
    • Slant markers
    • Child markers
    • Bronze plaques
    • Granite monuments
    • Single headstones
    • Companion headstones
    • Family headstones
    • Memorial benches

As experienced monument dealers serving all of Morris County, NJ, we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our work. Our services extend beyond the creation and display in our showroom, as we also offer installation and setting at the cemetery. For those with existing monuments, we provide refinishing and restoration services to ensure that every headstone maintains its dignity and respect over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a monument for your loved one at Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa, NJ, we understand you may have questions. We aim to provide clarity on visiting hours, location maps, grave finding, religious accommodations, notable interments, and tour availability, ensuring a smooth experience for your monument selection with Monroe Monuments.

What are the visiting hours for Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa?

The visiting hours for Laurel Grove Cemetery are tailored to offer convenience for visitors to pay their respects. While specific hours are subject to change and should be verified with the cemetery, most operate during daylight hours.

Can I view a map of Laurel Grove Cemetery online?

Yes, maps of Laurel Grove Cemetery are accessible online. This feature allows visitors and monument planners from Monroe Monuments to help select the proper placement for monuments such as upright headstones and memorial benches.

How can I locate a specific grave at Laurel Grove Cemetery?

Locating a specific grave within Laurel Grove Cemetery can typically be achieved through the cemetery’s main office or online database. Our team at Monroe Monuments can also assist in this process as part of our services when planning for the installation of grave markers and headstones.

Does Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa accommodate Islamic burial practices?

Laurel Grove Cemetery provides burial options that cater to a variety of cultural and religious practices, inclusive of Islamic burial customs. Our experience at Monroe Monuments ensures that all monuments, including upright headstones and markers, can be designed to honor these traditions.

Which notable individuals are interred at Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa?

Laurel Grove Cemetery is the final resting place for various notable individuals, whose legacies are commemorated through expertly crafted monuments. At Monroe Monuments, our showroom displays a range of options to appropriately honor such individuals with custom designs.

Are there any guided tours available at Laurel Grove Cemetery in Totowa?

Guided tours may be available at Laurel Grove Cemetery for individuals or groups interested in the rich history and artistic monuments of the grounds. We recommend contacting the cemetery directly for the most current information on tour offerings.

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