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Upright Headstones

Looking for an upright monument dealer near by? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Losing a loved one is never easy, but finding the proper method to honor their memory can help you heal. Selecting an upright headstone is one method to do this.

The advantages of upright headstones will be covered within this page, along with how Monroe Monuments can aid you in creating a stunning and long-lasting tribute for your loved one.

What Are Upright Monuments?

Grave markers on a base are called upright, standing, or vertical headstones. They can be engraved with the deceased’s name, dates, and other details and are commonly constructed of granite or marble.

Why Pick an Upright Grave Marker?

There are numerous benefits to selecting an upright headstone. They are a customary and time-tested manner to pay tribute to your loved one. They offer a tangible monument that will remain there for decades and may be viewed by family and friends. Additionally, they provide many customizing options, letting you add unique touches like pictures, symbols, or phrases.

What Can Monroe Monuments Do For You?

Monroe Monuments provides a retail shopping experience unlike any other throughout New Jersey. Our team specializes in creating, selling, and installing monuments, headstones, memorials, grave markers, and more. They have years of experience assisting families in creating lovely and long-lasting monuments for their loved ones, and they serve the entire state of New Jersey.

Your Choices for Customization

You’ll find many options at Monroe Monuments to personalize the upright headstone for a loved one. There are numerous materials, hues, and finishes available. Additionally, you can use unique elements like photos or symbols. The Monroe Monuments team will collaborate with you to develop a design that precisely captures the personality and contributions of your loved one.

competent service

You can count on courteous, knowledgeable service from Monroe Monuments at every turn. Their staff will assist you in selecting and creating an upright headstone, ensuring the finished product fits your requirements and surpasses your expectations.

Common Materials Employed in the Fabrication of Vertical Headstones

In the construction of single upright headstones, various materials are typically used. Among the most frequently selected options are:


Granite is a multifaceted and malleable stone that may be obtained in different colors and surface textures. It has a good reputation for being long-lasting, which contributes to its popularity as a headstone material option.


Marble is a multicolored material that often contains prominent veins of blue and gray. It is another alternative that is frequently used for burial markers.


Bronze is a material known to survive for a very long time, naturally darkens with usage, and requires little maintenance.


Limestone is a popular option because it has the appearance and texture of actual stone.

Because every material has unique properties and benefits, it is essential to decide on the one that can satisfy most of your requirements and preferences.

Colors That People Like for Single Upright Headstones

A wide range of colors is available for upright headstones to choose from. Among the most frequently selected options are:


Gray is a color that may be expressed in a wide variety of shades and is a neutral hue. It is a model of tranquility, conservatism, and open-mindedness. This is the color that predominates in most national cemeteries.


Black is another popular option since it is a neutral color that significantly contrasts the writing and symbols on the headstone. It exemplifies poise, elegance, and deference in its use.


Brown Because brown is a warm and natural color, it works well for blending in with its surroundings. It connotes safety, comfort, and dependability all at the same time.


Pink is a more noticeable color associated with elegance, love, and compassion.


Red exudes boldness, courage, and power because of its blazing intensity and attention-grabbing quality. In addition to this, it is associated with the shedding of blood and the giving of sacrifices.


The color blue is known for its link to calmness and tranquility, as well as faithfulness, trust, and peace. Additionally, it is symbolic of the sky and the ocean.

It is essential to choose the color that most closely meets your requirements and preferences because every color has specific characteristics and signifies something different.

Styles of Upright Headstones

There is a broad range of unique design options present for upright headstones. Among the most frequently selected options are:

Square top

The appearance of a headstone with a square top is identical to how it is described. It has a level top with a sharp angle at one corner.

Checked top

The style of the checked top headstone is quite similar to that of the square top in that both include multiple sharp angles.

Elevated shoulder

The elevated shoulder headstone is one more modern design for a gravestone that may be found today.

Oval or arc

Oval or arc-shaped Headstones have a curved peak at their center.

Oval with shoulders

A headstone that can be described as having shoulders if it has an oval shape, rising sides, and a curved top.


The bottom of a half-round tombstone is flat, while the top is curved, giving the monument its name.


Gothic headstones have a pointed arch shape that defines their style.

It is essential to choose the layout that corresponds with your requirements and tastes in the closest possible manner, given that each option possesses unique traits and benefits of its own.

Differences between Individual, Companion, Family, and Infant-Child Upright Monuments

An upright headstone can be used to honor the memory of a single individual, a couple, a family, a young child, or even an infant or toddler.

Single (Individual) Upright Headstones

The information for a single individual is typically seen on these types of monuments. The die, or the stone slab that rests on top of the base of a standard individual upright headstone, is vertical in both the front and the back of the monument.

Double (Companion) Upright Headstones

The information on these headstones typically refers to the deceased and their companion. The die’s front and rear faces used to create a traditional companion upright headstone are oriented in a vertical plane.

Triple (Family) Upright Headstones

Family upright headstones are larger headstones that can carry information about multiple members of the same family.

Child (Infant) Upright Headstones

These miniature headstones can be personalized to contain one-of-a-kind components such as diamond-etched portraits or other symbols to pay tribute to an infant or youngster.

Speak With Us Today About Upright Monuments

Selecting the upright monument that is the greatest fit for your requirements and tastes is essential because each design has its own specific characteristics and benefits. A traditional memorial to preserve the memory of a loved one is with an upright headstone.

They offer a visible and long-lasting tribute that family and friends may view for decades because of their various advantages and customization choices. If you’re thinking about getting an upright headstone for a loved one, contact Monroe Monuments to learn more about what they can do.

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