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Double Headstones Dealer in NJ

Thanks for visiting Monroe Monuments. We are the leaders when it comes to the finest craftsmanship, high quality and fabrication of Double Headstone Monuments within Northern, New Jersey. We are a family owned and operated company with decades of experience.

Memorable love stories are written by two hearts and shared with the world in the landscape of existence. With our stunning double upright monuments in New Jersey, Monroe Monuments hopes to honor these timeless tales, unique connections, and unbreakable friendships.

Meaning of Companion Upright Headstones or Double Upright Monuments

Every life has a tale to tell, and when two lives share their journey, the story is made even more beautiful, according to Monroe Monuments. Companion upright headstones or double upright monuments pay homage to these enduring bonds and familiar stories. They represent eternal representations of a shared journey, memories, and unwavering love.

They are a remembrance of the previous connection and will constantly reverberate throughout the ages. Each double upright monument created by Monroe Monuments conveys a tale of love, friendship, shared lives, and legacy.

Awe Inspiring Craftsmanship in The Name of Rememberance

At Monroe Monuments, we recognize the value of celebrating companionship and shared memories. Each double upright monument we produce results from meticulous craftsmanship, in-depth knowledge of shared stories, and reverence for the associated feelings.

The stone has been painstakingly cut and polished to perfection, acting as a silent storyteller and preserving the shared tales of love and life. With meticulous attention paid to every line etched, name written, and date expressed, the monuments represent the bond they stand for.

We want to give future generations in New Jersey a tangible way to connect to shared memories through these handcrafted monuments so they can respect and remember their history.

Double Upright Monument Styles and Customizations

Monroe Monuments offers various options to ensure that your double upright monument accurately captures the special relationship that you and your loved ones shared. Whether you like the timeless appeal of a classic upright, the aesthetic beauty of a serp top, the balanced proportions of an oval top, or the unmistakable grandeur of a gothic top monument, our enormous range of styles appeals to varied tastes.

Our personalization choices go beyond only styles and colors, too. Your monument can include individualized inscriptions, creative engravings, beautiful photographs, specific finishes, and distinctive design features, making it beautiful and significant.

Companion Monuments Available for Sale Throughout New Jersey

Monroe Monuments guarantees that you will have access to our beautifully constructed double upright monuments regardless of where you are located in New Jersey, thanks to our extensive service coverage throughout the state. Each monument we build becomes a treasured component of local communities across the state, symbolizing the unbreakable links of love and companionship that unite us all.

Eternal Love Expressed Through Meticilous Stone Work

Double upright monuments are the physical representations of shared stories in the unwritten chapters of life and love, telling the story of two lives entwined in an enduring bond. At Monroe Monuments, we think our painstakingly made monuments are a fitting tribute to these timeless tales.

We try to capture the distinctive character of the shared experience of your loved ones from the initial consultation to the finished product. We are the top option for double upright monuments in New Jersey because of our dedication to excellent craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and awareness of shared storylines.

These memorials, these handcrafted works of art, serve as more than simply gravestones. They serve as reminders of the past, tangible links to the past, and signs of love and companionship. These double upright monuments, which are silent in stature but audible in significance, serve as enduring reminders of a love that endures the test of time, is immortalized in stone, inscribed in memory, and treasured in hearts.

Colors Available for Double Companion Headstones

The path of love and companionship is colorful, full of countless memorable moments and shared experiences. We at Monroe Monuments think these love stories should be depicted as vividly as is humanly possible. We provide companion upright headstones in various hues to capture the essence of these vibrant life stories.

Elegant Classic in Gray and Black

We provide matching upright headstones in gray and black for individuals who desire a traditional and timeless design. These stones are crafted from premium granite and provide sturdiness and sophistication while serving as a classy memorial to a shared voyage.

The Calm of the Blue Pearl

The rich blue and shiny color of the blue pearl companion upright headstone suggests the calm, limitless ocean. This headstone is a metaphor for the depths of camaraderie and affection that have been shared, the pinnacle of the breadth of the connection that you want to honor.

A Strong Bond with Mahogany

The upright mahogany companion headstone exudes a cozy and intimate connection. This headstone’s reddish-brown tones evoke the warmth of long-lasting love and serve as a moving remembrance of a special relationship.

Dusk Red Sunset Red

The Comfort of Dusk Red Sunset Red is for people looking for a recognizable and hospitable color. This distinctive tone reflects the happy recollections of shared times and the lovely sunsets of life’s journey, embodying the beauty of a setting sun.

Every companion upright headstone or monument that Monroe Monuments crafts in New Jersey is guaranteed to accurately reflect the distinctive tale it represents by offering a wide range of color options. Thanks to our wide range of hues, you can find a headstone that precisely captures the vibrant journey of love and companionship you wish to immortalize.

Double Upright Stones Available In Styles of Your Choosing

Every element must be precisely chosen to create a monument that captures a lifetime of connection and affection. The design of the memorial or headstone is one such element.

At Monroe Monuments, we are dedicated to offering a choice of styles to choose from since we think that a monument’s style should reflect the distinctive tale it represents.

Classic Upright Style

The timeless elegance of the traditional upright design is embodied in it. These monuments stand tall as a witness to a shared journey while readily blending with the tranquil environment of their surroundings, thanks to their conventional shape and structure.

Style Slant

The headstone’s or monument’s slanted design has a unique appeal. The memorial’s sloping face adds a distinctive touch while also making the inscriptions very visible and easy to read.

Cross Memorials

Our selection of cross monuments perfectly encapsulates sacramental ties and common religion. These beautiful and revered symbols stand tall as a monument to the sanctity of a shared spiritual journey and act as a light of faith, hope, and love.

Monuments shaped like hearts

Nothing more clearly represents love and companionship than a monument in the shape of a heart. It captures the spirit of a shared journey of two hearts beating as one, serving as a visual representation of love.

Monuments with etched portraits

Etched portrait monuments give the commemoration of your loved ones a personal touch. The design can include an etched portrait, a meaningful remark, or a meaningful symbol to make a monument that genuinely resonates with the unique story of shared love and friendship.

At Monroe Monuments, we know that a significant and enduring legacy can only be created by selecting the ideal style of a companion upright headstone or double-size monument. To ensure that every monument we create in New Jersey is a true testament to the special bond it represents, we are devoted to providing a variety of styles that accommodate different tastes and interests.

All Sizes Considered

When conveying the scope of a shared life and love story, the scale of a monument or headstone is crucial. At Monroe Monuments, we provide a variety of sizes for double-size monuments and companion upright headstones to ensure a dignified memorial for your loved ones.

Monuments of the Standard Double Size

Our typical double-size monuments, which typically measure 36 inches in length x 6 inches in breadth, are made to offer plenty of room for the engraving of names, dates, and particular messages. They unite two lives in a familiar story and serve as a monument to the eternal power of love.

Monuments of a large double size

Our massive double-size monuments, which typically start at 48 inches in length and 8 inches in width, provide a considerable presence for individuals looking for a grand memorial. These monuments enable a unique tribute by allowing longer inscriptions, intricate artwork, and photographic photographs.

Adaptive Sizes

Monroe Monuments also offers companion upright headstones and double-size monuments in bespoke sizes since they recognize how remarkable each love story is. We can realize your concept with our customized size alternatives, whether you want a monument of a specific size or one unusual to represent your tal


We at Monroe Monuments ensure that each monument or headstone we create in New Jersey appropriately captures the depth and breadth of the shared lives it honors by offering a selection of sizes. We aim to produce a physical memorial that endures, just as the unbreakable link of love and companionship it represents.

Popular Materials Double Size Monuments Are Available In

A headstone’s or monument’s construction material dramatically impacts how it looks and how long it will last. With this in mind, Monroe Monuments provides premium materials for our companion upright headstones and double-size monuments.

Granite Memorials

Granite is the most typical material utilized in constructing monuments because of its strength and longevity. Many people appreciate it because of its natural elegance and a vast range of color possibilities, including black, gray, pink, and red.

Marble Statues

Monuments with marble trim have a timeless, elegant appearance. Each marble monument is distinctive due to its smooth polish and natural veining patterns. The most widely used color is white, which stands for peace and purity.

Bronze Statues

Strong and impervious to corrosion, bronze has a distinctive, deep color. Bronze can be utilized to produce solo monuments that make a powerful statement and are frequently used as an inlay on monuments made of granite or marble.

Marble Monuments

For those who like a rustic or antique style, limestone is a distinctive option thanks to its earthy tones and old-world charm. Its texture creates a landmark that stands out in its surroundings by adding depth and visual intrigue.

Monroe Monuments in New Jersey offers a wide selection of materials for companion upright headstones and double-size monuments, whether you’re drawn to the durability of granite, the timeless beauty of marble, the distinctive style of bronze, or the rustic appeal of limestone. Each of the materials we provide has been carefully picked, ensuring that your monument endures the test of time and pays enduring homage to the shared love and friendship it symbolizes.

Customization Options for Double Size Memorials & Monuments

Every love tale is remarkable and deserving of a specific designation. At Monroe Monuments, we think that personalized companion upright headstones and double-sized monuments are a great way to celebrate this uniqueness. To guarantee that your monument accurately captures the unique bond it symbolizes, we offer a variety of customizing possibilities.

Personalized Epitaphs

An epitaph is a lovely way to give your monument a touch of personalization. The essence of your shared adventure could be captured in a quote, a poem, or a short remark. Your chosen epitaph can be precisely and carefully engraved by one of our talented artisans.

Picture Etching

Consider having a portrait inscribed on the memorial for a more personal touch. This might be an image of your loved ones, a portrayal of a memorable occasion, or a manifestation of a shared interest. Your monument will be genuinely unique because of the hard work our artisans put into creating a lifelike portrayal.

Carvings in bas-relief

Customizing your monument in three dimensions is possible with bas-relief sculptures. These might be religious icons, precious memories, or simply symbols that have unique value to you and your loved ones. On your monument, our artisans may expertly carve these elaborate designs.

Customized Sizes and Shapes

We provide entirely customized choices in addition to primary forms and sizes to match your particular demands. Our staff can assist you in realizing any specific concept you may have by creating a monument that is as special as the bond it honors.

Monroe Monuments in New Jersey is dedicated to offering customized choices so that your double-sized monument or companion upright headstone can accurately reflect the memorable narrative it stands for. Your monument will be a meaningful tribute to a shared journey that uniquely reflects the bond of love and companionship it commemorates, thanks to our extensive selection of adaptations.

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