Mausoleum Company in Morris County, New Jersey

mausoleums in morris county njA mausoleum is an above-ground structure built to hold the remains of one person or more than one person. Often, mausoleums are built for use by families, and for the interment of family members. Some mausoleums are quite large, occupying as much space as a residential lot, with headstones, a walkway leading up to the mausoleum, a house-sized structure, and even landscaping surrounding the building. Others are smaller structures, small enough even to only hold one set of remains.

Cost will vary depending on size of the structure. Larger structures, such as for families and groups, will cost more than smaller structures, such as for a single individual.

The History of Mausoleums in Society

Mausoleums have a history stretching back thousands of years. It is a very old burial method, going back to the second century AD. It is named for King Mausolus, who inhabited a part of Asia minor at around 300 AD.

Among the more famous mausoleums is the Taj Mahal in India, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. Despite the ancient heritage, mausoleums are favored for burial even today, and most cemeteries provide room for mausoleums.

Mausoleum Design & Building in Morris County, NJ

Monroe Monuments builds mausoleums in Morris County, New Jersey and makes them available for all burials, ensuring proper and adequate design in their construction. Monroe Monuments is renowned for building of mausoleums in Morris County, NJ.

The design of mausoleums calls for use of granite for the wall and floor. A name plate may be mounted across the front of the building, containing the family name and any chosen epitaph that can be hand-chiseled into the granite of the wall. Granite pieces for the floor may be hand-cut, and must be precisely attached to the wall.

Mausoleums are used by people for visiting remains of a deceased person after interment. The wall provides shelter from inclement weather, and especially in New Jersey, known for cold winters, the shelter is appreciated. Cemetery visitors in NJ will stay warm, regardless of the season.

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