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Bronze Plaques in Morris County, New Jersey

Plaques in Morris County NJA bronze plaque should serve as an everlasting symbol of love and honor. Monroe Monuments has a stellar reputation for excellence in designing beautiful custom bronze plaques. Our team is committed to providing in-house, high-quality craftsmanship to the local community in Morris Township, New Jersey.

We offer affordable prices while using the finest materials ensuring there is no compromise on quality workmanship. Together with our customers, we work to create a plaque that uniquely represents the life and legacy of a cherished family member or friend.

A grave marker is an elegant way to memorialize the life of a loved one. We offer a vast range of styles suitable for private grave markers or for permanent civic memorials. These plaques can be designed as headstones or foot-stones, and our team will work with the family and cemetery to ensure that the perfect commemoration is chosen as an eternal tribute for a beloved family member.

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We’re the leader when it comes to practically any type of monument, bronze plaque, memorial or refinishing/restoration services throughout Morris County, NJ.


Monroe Monuments offers a wide variety of distinct flush, bevel, slant, and upright markers that are skillfully crafted with the highest quality materials.

Flush Markers

The most economical of all memorials, flush markers are three to four inches thick and lay flat or flush at the head of individual graves. Our skilled artisans can customize these lawn-level markers in a variety of sizes with lovely engravings or imagery that if desired, can reflect the culture or religion of the deceased.

Bevel markers

Bevel markers sit six to eight inches above the ground and slope slightly at the top. These memorials are also used as headstones for individual gravesites. Most of these markers have a back to the front two-inch drop which enables water, grass, and debris to flow away from the top of the stone. We fully customize these markers with beautiful etchings and symbols to meet the specific preferences of the families we serve.

Slant Markers

Because slant markers sit in a vertical position, they give off an upscale appearance without the more expensive cost of an upright marker. Our slant markers are designed to accommodate a wide variety of personalization. The front polished surface has a steep slant on the engraved face of the stone creating a large area for illustration and inscription. We cut these markers two inches perpendicular from the bottom in oval, serpentine or flat shapes.

Upright Markers

For decades the upright marker has symbolized class and elegance. They are made of durable granite which is resistant to harsh environmental elements such as excessive sunlight, wind, and rain. Our gifted artists design these standing markers in an array of colors with unique etchings and vivid imagery customized to personify the essence of a beautiful life.

Plaque Customization Options by Color, Size & Shape

bronze plaque customization optionsOur experienced artists guide customers through the plaque’s design ensuring that the shape, size, color, and finish reflects the tradition of each family we work with.

Our friendly staff is committed to serving the local community of Morris County, New Jersey by personally ensuring that every plaque is skillfully crafted to meet intense quality standards with endless customization options. Each skilled artisan is dedicated to creating an enduring memorial that symbolizes love and respect.

Plaque Color Options Customization

Our company offers a varied selection of beautiful natural colors to capture the essence of a loved one’s unique personality. We provide thoughtful color options and can create a custom color scheme upon request.

Plaque Shape Options Customization

Our plaques can be formed in countless unique shapes including carved angels, teardrops, and hearts. If desired, our artisans will work with customers to create a specific design that represents the spirit of a special friend or family member,

Plaque Size Options Customization

We have a talented team of craftsmen who look forward to casting your memorial plaque in any size required. The plaques can be tailored to meet the specific customer preferences as well as cemetery and municipality requirements.

During the refinishing process, we sandblast the weathered plaque down to the raw material. After the old finish is removed a new background color is added, and a baked clear coat is applied. At the end of the process, for a significantly lower price, customers receive a restored plaque that looks brand new.

Advantages of Restoring an Old Bronze Plaques

plaque marker restoration in morris county njPeople often believe that it is necessary to purchase a new plaque to replace one that has deteriorated due to time and exposure to the environment. However, many customers prefer the restoring and refinishing process to bring back the original beauty of these timeless tributes.

For those who wish to rejuvenate the finish of a treasured plaque, our quality restoration service is the perfect solution. The dedicated team at Morris Monuments is committed to helping communities preserve the beauty and integrity of both private and public memorials.

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We’re the leader when it comes to practically any type of monument, bronze plaque, memorial or refinishing/restoration services throughout Morris County, NJ.

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