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Monuments for Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, is home to Christ the King Cemetery, a final resting place that combines serenity with tradition. Nestled in a town known for its picturesque landscapes, this cemetery offers a space for both reflection and remembrance. As a testament to the enduring memories of loved ones, Monroe Monuments has become the trusted partner for those seeking to commemorate lives with enduring markers.

We understand that choosing a monument is a meaningful decision that honors the legacy of those who have passed. In our commitment to serve Franklin Lakes and the wider Morris County, we offer a variety of high-quality monuments. Our offerings include upright headstones, companion headstones, family headstones, flat and slant grave markers, memorial benches, and intricately designed bronze plaques. Each monument reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and respect for the personal stories they represent.

At Monroe Monuments, our expertise extends beyond creation. We provide complete installation and setting services, ensuring that every monument stands as an enduring tribute. Additionally, we offer refinishing and restoration services for older headstones, helping to preserve the history and heritage of the Christ the King Cemetery community. Our care and attention to detail in every aspect of our work reflect our commitment to honoring the memories of your loved ones.

History and Significance

At Monroe Monuments, we appreciate the profound history and meaningful impact that cemeteries like Christ the King Cemetery have within the community of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

Establishment of Christ the King Cemetery

Christ the King Cemetery, set within the picturesque Bergen County, serves as a sanctuary where memories and legacies are preserved. Throughout our work at Monroe Monuments, we have gained insights into the sacred role this cemetery plays, reflecting the tranquility and beauty of Franklin Lakes while providing a place of solace for those who visit.

Historical Burial Grounds in Franklin Lakes

Franklin Lakes, with its rich history, is also home to several other significant burial grounds. Van Houten Family Cemetery, Crooked Pond Cemetery, and Sturr Family Cemetery contribute to the area’s narrative, marking the deep historical roots present in Bergen County. Each of these grounds speaks to the longevity of family lineages and the local heritage that stretches back for generations, aspects we honor as we at Monroe Monuments craft and install various types of monuments, helping to preserve this history.

In our showroom, Monroe Monuments proudly offers a variety of monuments to suit individual needs, including upright headstones, flat and slant markers, child markers, bronze plaques, and granite monuments. Our offerings also extend to single, companion, and family headstones, with the option to personalize through memorial benches and more. Our services include not only installation and setting but also refinishing and restoration for older memorials, honoring the history and significance of each site within Franklin Lakes and greater Morris County, New Jersey.

Christ the King Cemetery Overview

Nestled in the tranquility of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Christ the King Cemetery offers a serene final resting place with well-maintained facilities adhering to Catholic traditions.

Facilities and Grounds

At Christ the King Cemetery, we pride ourselves on the care given to the grounds, ensuring a peaceful environment for reflection. Our space includes:

  • Burial options: both traditional in-ground burials and interment in mausoleum the settings.
  • Elegant columbariums: which provide a dignified location for cremated remains.
  • Gazebo sections: for special committal services surrounded by the natural beauty of the cemetery.

Monroe Monuments, renowned for quality craftsmanship, offers a variety of products for memorialization here, including:

  • Granite Monuments: Elegant and enduring, with options ranging from upright headstones to flat markers.
  • Bronze Plaques: Perfect for mausoleum spaces, offering a distinguished option for families.

Their services also cover:

  • Installation: Ensuring a seamless setting of monuments at the cemetery.
  • Restoration: For those looking to refurbish older headstones to their former grandeur.

Catholic Traditions and Practices

Integral to the essence of Christ the King Cemetery is the commitment to the Catholic faith, with practices that honor religious customs through:

  • Sacred symbols: Many monuments feature engraving of Catholic symbols that resonate with the faith and beliefs of those who rest here.
  • Mass: Conducted on-site, reinforcing the strong Catholic ethos permeating the grounds.

By adhering to these traditions, we offer a space representative of the Catholic heritage, providing comfort and solace to families and visitors.

Services and Memorials

When honoring loved ones at Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes, NJ, we provide a range of personalized funeral and burial services as well as a variety of distinctive memorials and grave markers. Each option is designed to respectfully commemorate individuals and provide comfort to families during their time of remembrance.

Funeral and Burial Services

At Christ the King Cemetery, we understand the importance of proper send-offs for the dearly departed. Our funeral services are held with utmost respect, ensuring that families have the necessary support and guidance during such pivotal moments. We collaborate closely with funeral homes to coordinate all aspects of the funeral and burial process, tailoring each service to meet the unique needs and wishes of the family.

Types of Memorials and Grave Markers

We at Monroe Monuments pride ourselves on crafting an extensive range of high-quality memorials and grave markers suited for Christ the King Cemetery. Our offerings include:

  • Upright Headstone Monuments: These traditional and prominent markers stand vertically and are a preferred choice for many families.
  • Flat Markers: Minimalist and often chosen for their simplicity, these lie flush with the ground.
  • Slant Markers: Featuring a sloped face, slant markers offer a distinctive alternative to traditional upright headstones.
  • Bronze Plaques: Timeless and elegant, suitable for commemorating individuals or families.
  • Granite Monuments: Known for their durability and natural beauty, available in various shapes and sizes.

We also provide specialized memorials such as:

  • Child Markers: Specially crafted to commemorate the innocence and memory of young lives.
  • Companion Headstones: Celebrating the bond between individuals, ideal for partners or close relations.
  • Family Headstones: To mark the collective memories of family members.
  • Memorial Benches: A serene invitation to reflective moments in the cemetery.

Our services extend beyond creation, ensuring each memorial is properly installed and set with the utmost care. For existing memorials at Christ the King Cemetery, we offer expert refinishing and restoration services to restore older headstones to their former condition, preserving the legacy of loved ones for generations to come.

Visiting and Community Reviews

When visiting Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes, NJ, or exploring the community’s feedback on the monuments, it’s important to be mindful of visitation rules and the opinions others have shared about their experiences.

Guidelines for Visitors

When planning a visit to Christ the King Cemetery, we want to ensure a respectful and serene experience. It’s important to:

  • Check the cemetery’s opening hours to make sure your visit falls within the designated times.
  • Adhere to any posted signs regarding areas that may be off-limits or under maintenance.

Visitors often seek monuments for their loved one’s final resting place through Monroe Monuments, which is highly recognized for their craftsmanship and service.

Community Feedback

Reviews are integral in gauging community sentiment. Here’s a brief compilation of feedback from local visitors:

  • Positive remarks often highlight the peaceful atmosphere and the well-kept grounds of the cemetery.
  • Monroe Monuments often receives praise for the quality and variety of monuments they provide, including upright headstones, flat markers, and more.

The experienced team at Monroe Monuments serves our community with respect, offering installation and restoration services for a range of commemorative options tailored to personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions we receive regarding Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. We’re here to provide clear and accurate information to help visitors and patrons.

What are the visiting hours for Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes?

Christ the King Cemetery is open to visitors every day. It is recommended to check with the cemetery office for the most current visiting hours as they can change seasonally.

How can I find a specific grave at Christ the King Cemetery?

To find a specific grave at Christ the King Cemetery, it is best to contact the cemetery’s office directly. They can provide you with a map or direct assistance to locate the grave you are looking for.

What is the process for purchasing a burial plot at Christ the King Cemetery?

To purchase a burial plot, contact the cemetery’s administration office. They will assist you with selecting a plot and guide you through the purchasing process.

Are there any regulations regarding headstones or monuments at Christ the King Cemetery?

Yes, Christ the King Cemetery has guidelines for headstones and monuments to maintain the uniformity and beauty of the grounds. Monroe Monuments can offer assistance with selecting compliant options from a range of upright headstone monuments, bronze plaques, and granite monuments, among others.

Can non-Catholics be buried at Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes?

For information about burial eligibility regarding non-Catholics at Christ the King Cemetery, please consult directly with the cemetery administration.

Does Christ the King Cemetery offer cremation services and niches?

Christ the King Cemetery provides services for those who choose cremation, including elegant marble and granite-covered outdoor columbarium niches. Our company, Monroe Monuments, also crafts quality monuments suitable for these niches.

At Monroe Monuments, we understand the importance of remembering loved ones through high-quality memorials. Our experience in providing a wide array of monument options such as memorial benches, family headstones, and more, along with installation and setting services, ensures lasting tributes within the guidelines of Christ the King Cemetery. Contact our showroom in Morris County, NJ, for thorough and considerate guidance through this significant process. We also specialize in the refinishing and restoration of older headstones, ensuring that every memory is preserved with the utmost respect and craftsmanship.

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