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Flat Marker Dealer in New Jersey

When choosing a lovely monument for someone you cared deeply for, several aspects must be considered, such as style, size, and personal preference. The increasingly popular flat markers Monroe Monuments offer are a powerful testament to the beauty found in simplicity and ageless elegance.

Although they might appear a bit small and simple. There’s so much beauty. Sometimes ‘less is more’. With this philosophy, Flat Markers happen to be very popular types of monuments with consumers in New Jersey. Simplicity is beauty. Monroe Monuments specializes in helping to design, hand craft and set flat grave markers all over New Jersey.

Beauty of Flat Markers or Grass Markers

Flat markers, sometimes known as grass markers, are typically rectangular, level with the ground, and constructed of enduring materials like stone or bronze. Their architecture exudes a serene dignity that creates a space for introspection that effortlessly melds with the tranquility of the New Jersey cemetery environment.

The appeal of these monuments resides in their understated presence, even if they may not stand erect as clearly as headstones. Visitors can interact more closely with the monument and feel like they are enjoying a peaceful, private moment with the person being remembered when invited to take a closer look.

Popular Types of Flat Markers We Ofer

By their very nature, flat markers offer a sleek, inconspicuous appearance that sits flush with the ground and blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment. However, Monroe Monuments in NJ offers a number of styles within this category to accommodate various personal preferences and cemetery restrictions.

The Individual Flat Marker, which is intended for a single person, is a popular choice. These could include plain text or be decorated with elaborate flower designs, religious symbols, or even laser-etched portraits.

Companion Flat Markers, which are more significant to fit the names and information of two people, are available for couples.

The Pet Memorial Marker is yet another variant of the flat marker. These are typically smaller and might take on more whimsical designs, such as hearts or bones, to honor the cherished animal members of our family.

The Veterans Flat Markers are another option; they are a unique

memorial to those who have served in the military. The branch of service, rank, or particular medals or awards the person received can all be represented by symbols on these monuments.

At Monroe Monuments, we recognize the value of constructing a touching memorial that pays respect to and emotional homage to your loved ones. We assist you in finding a monument that accurately captures the life and memory of individuals you love dear with our extensive selection of stylistic alternatives for flat markers.

Each memorial is appropriately sized to fit within the confines of each cemetery’s unique regulations and the individual desires of the families they serve, thanks to Monroe Monuments’ assortment of flat marker sizes. The sizes of flat markers frequently change depending on whether they are meant for a single person, a couple, or a pet.

Complete Customization for Flat Markers to Get the Message Out

Creating a flat marker is done at Monroe Monuments with the utmost care, attention to detail, and respect for the memories it symbolizes. Working closely with our clients, we review their preferences in-depth and incorporate them into the design.

The core of Monroe Monuments’ service offerings, particularly when it comes to flat markers, is customization. Every life has a distinct tale, and every story needs to be presented in a fashion that is equally unique, according to the Monroe Monuments team. We specialize in engraving, lettering, etching and so much more.

The inscription is one of the first ways to customize a flat marker. This normally includes the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death, but it can also include a variety of other things, such as particular verses, quotes, or personal remarks. The staff at Monroe Monuments in NJ can offer advice on choosing an inscription that respects and accurately captures the memory of the honored person.

Another important element in the customizing of flat markers is creative design. This could be as straightforward as a border pattern or as intricate as an intricate picture or setting. Monroe Monuments’ talented craftspeople can produce sophisticated designs with floral motifs, religious symbols, landscapes, or even portraits, adding another personalization dimension.

Additionally, Monroe Monuments provides the increasingly common option of incorporating a ceramic photo. A ceramic photo allows for a visual representation of the person, whether it is a single photo or a mosaic of photographs, providing a moving memorial and a lasting image.

Finally, Monroe Monuments offers the option of adding numerous accessories, such as bronze vases, to the marker for individuals seeking to add a layer of individuality. These can be utilized to place floral tributes, further personalizing and embellishing the monument.

Timeless Materials We Use for Flat Markers

Most of the most resilient and attractive materials that nature offers are often used in constructing flat markers from Monroe Monuments. Granite and bronze are two of the most popular materials, and each has unique qualities and aesthetic merits.

Due to its durability and elegance, granite is a prevalent material for flat markers. It can withstand severe weather conditions while maintaining its beauty for ages. The inscription is set against the vibrant polished granite, which ensures that the life it honors will be remembered in a way that will last as long as the stone.

Another common material for flat markers is bronze, which has a rich, warm tone. It acquires a lovely patina over time, which many believe improves the marker’s appearance by giving it a sense of age and elegance. Raised lettering and decorative accents can be added to bronze to create even more customizing options.

With a wide range of design options, flat markers made of stone and metal can be customized further. Monroe Monuments in NJ ensures that the material is transformed into a painting that honors the distinct life it represents, whether using straightforward, timeless designs or intricate, ornate carvings. They are dedicated to obtaining only the best materials, ensuring each marker is a robust tribute for future generations.

A Unique Palette of Colors for You To Choose From

Monroe Monuments provides various flat marker color selections for different tastes and preferences. Each color gives the marking a distinct personality and a distinctive appeal, enhancing the monument’s overall appearance.

Granite flat markers offer the broadest range of color options.

For instance, the contrast of black granite draws attention to the text and any other artwork or symbols.

The Gray version’s muted, classic appearance is perfect for those seeking a conventional appeal.

The Blue Pearl granite would be a more eye-catching option. It gives the memorial a unique touch with its distinctive bluish-grey tint and reflective dots.

Pink and Red granite, with its deep tones, give the marker a soft warmth for those who like a warmer style.

On the other hand, bronze flat markers stand out for their unique color. The alloy, often a blend of copper and tin, has a natural, earthy brown tone that acquires a lovely patina with time. This alteration does not indicate degradation; rather, it is a natural occurrence that gives the marker a vintage appeal.

Keep in mind that choosing a hue is about more than just looks. Additionally, it reflects your loved one’s character or interests, enhancing the memorial’s significance and personalization. We are committed to assisting you in making a decision that best honors the memory of your loved one at Monroe Monuments in New Jersey.

Sizing & Dimensions for Flat Grave Markers

A typical size for individual flat markers is 24 inches long by 12 inches broad and between 3 and 4 inches thick. However, lesser or larger sizes are also available based on the cemetery’s requirements and the client’s preferences.

A typical dimension for companion flat markers that honor two people is 36 inches long by 18 inches broad and 3 to 4 inches thick. Names, dates, and shared inscriptions or symbols can all be included at this scale. Again, specific requirements or preferences may influence the dimensions.

The size is typically smaller for pet memorial memorials. These markers are typically 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. Additionally, custom sizes can be offered to accommodate a particular design or accurately reflect the pet’s size.

The Finest Flat Markers in New Jersey

Our team works directly with families to create a custom flat marker, offering guidance and caring care at each journey step. They are aware of the value of building a lasting memorial that pays respect to the person’s unique life in a meaningful and intimate way.

Monroe Monuments in New Jersey guarantees that each marker is constructed with the finest care and precision, regardless of the size you select, producing a stunning memorial to your loved one’s memory. Looking to schedule an appointment, get a free quote or speak with a professional? Get in touch with us today. We look forward to meeting you!

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