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Bevel Markers Dealer in New Jersey

A sacred function of headstones and burial markers is to act as enduring memorials to the deceased. Bevel monuments stand out among the available types for their subtle elegance. With the highest care and expert craftsmanship, Monroe Monuments in New Jersey is committed to creating these distinctive grave markers, giving families a respectable monument for their loved ones.

Bevel markers, often referred to as beveled headstones or hickey markers, have long been a preferred method of honoring the memory of a loved one. These signs are typically rectangular and have a distinctive beveled edge, hence their name. They also have a slightly sloping pattern. Their modest slant improves legibility, making them a functional but beautiful option.

Bevel markings have a long, illustrious history and have come to

represent memory. Their simplicity lends a gravesite a calmness that provides loved ones with a quiet, contemplative spot to recall and commemorate loved ones.

The Monroe Monuments ‘Difference’

At Monroe Monuments, we think that our customers deserve nothing less. We employ premium, long-lasting materials like stone and bronze for our bevel markers. Granite offers endurance and aesthetic appeal and is known for its durability and variety of colors. Bronze, on the other hand, offers a vintage charm that only gets more pronounced over time.

Bevel Marker Customizations in NJ

Bevel markers stand out for their innate simplicity, but Monroe Monuments’ customization possibilities let you add a unique touch. We enable the creation of a grave monument that genuinely embodies the person it celebrates, from inscriptions and epitaphs to the insertion of symbolic symbols, ceramic pictures, and even unique shapes.

Creating a Bevel Marker Beyond Your Expectations

Our extensive accomodation of providing excellent customer service at Monroe Monuments goes beyond the confines of our workshop. We take great satisfaction in providing prompt, sympathetic customer care. We provide assistance and support at every stage of the process while closely collaborating with our clients to fully comprehend their needs across New Jersey.

Selecting a grave marker is different than picking a bevel tag. Choosing an enduring memorial, a mark of esteem, is essential. At Monroe Monuments, we construct bevel monuments that memorialize your loved ones with the respect they deserve since we take this job very seriously.

Combined Resilience and Elegance

You are giving Monroe Monuments a significant duty by selecting us. We take this seriously. To ensure that your bevel marker endures the test of time, we combine expert craftsmanship with premium materials. Our memorials maintain their quality and respect for upcoming generations, whether buried locally in a NJ cemetery or relocated elsewhere.

We’ve been making burial markers for almost forty years, so we know what we’re doing. You can rely on Monroe Monuments to provide a lasting, exquisite monument to your loved ones regarding bevel markers. Because at Monroe, we value preserving special moments for a lifetime.

Choosing Your Bevel Marker’s Color

A bevel marker’s color adds a new layer to its symbology, allowing for more individualization and emotional impact. Because the granite and bronze we employ naturally vary in color, Monroe Monuments offers various hues for our bevel markers.

Granite bevel markers are available in various hues, each with unique qualities and emotional undertones. Because of their timeless appeal, traditional options like Gray, Black, and White are preferred. On the other hand, colors like Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, and Brown offer a more distinctive appearance, with the brilliant and rich hues providing an added touch of individualization.

Bronze, typically an alloy of brown and gold, ages nicely and acquires a patina over time, increasing its antique charm. The memorial gains depth and history through the change of hue over the years, making it a meaningful option for people who value how time affects our memories.

We at Monroe Monuments are committed to assisting you in making the color-choosing process so you can select the shade that most accurately reflects the character and legacy of your loved one. We recognize that every person and every family has a unique story to tell, and we are proud to contribute to that process by offering a variety of bevel markers.

Optional Bevel Marker Sizes

The size of a bevel marker plays a crucial role in its design, affecting both its effect and visibility. Every family in New Jersey can choose from various sizes for bevel markers, thanks to Monroe Monuments.

Consider using custom bevel markers if you want a design that stands out more. Families can design unique items with these markers, including detailed carvings and laser-etched portraits. Custom bevel markers offer a lot of room for customization. You can include unusual pastimes, priceless symbols, or other components highlighting your loved one’s unique personality.

The smallest option is the single bevel marker. It has space for a name, dates, and a short inscription or epitaph and is usually used to remember just one person. Despite their diminutive size, these markers can have a significant aesthetic impact, especially if made with care.

The twin bevel marker is popular for those who want to honor two people. These are bigger than single markers and have space for two people’s names and information, frequently with a shared logo or symbol. Double bevel tags are ideal for co-burials of couples or friends.

Large bevel markers are also available if your family needs extra space. These provide a more extensive surface area for writing, symbols, and other personalized features. This size is ideal for families that want to incorporate poignant lyrics, quotes, or long epitaphs into the memorial design.

Additionally, Monroe Monuments offers child and infant bevel markers in various sizes. Because these memorials are often smaller, they honor the delicate nature of the tributes they stand for.

Each bevel marker we produce is infused with the same attention and commitment to excellence, regardless of the selected size. We know these markers act as enduring tributes to loved ones, and we make a great effort in designing each one to do so.

Popular Bevel Marker Materials

A bevel marker’s longevity and look are heavily influenced by its material. At Monroe Monuments, we provide a wide range of premium materials, each with its unique character and strength and suited to different tastes around New Jersey.

Granite continues to be a popular option among our products with many customers. Granite is famous for its durability and resistance to the elements, guaranteeing that the memorial to your loved one will endure the test of time. Granite’s versatility is unrivaled; it comes in various colors, from conventional grays and blacks to more unusual shades like blues, pinks, and greens.

Another common material for bevel markers is marble, renowned for its enduring elegance and distinctive veining patterns. Marble has a charm all its own, even if it is slightly less durable than granite. Many families find marble’s majestic and traditional aesthetic in its creamy, brilliant tones appealing.

Bronze bevel markers can be ideal for people looking for a more rustic aesthetic. Bronze markers provide a sense of history and tradition because of their particular patina. Because of their incredible corrosion resistance, their beauty will last for many years.

Stainless steel is a more up-to-date substitute. Stainless steel markers give the traditional monument design a more modern twist with their sleek, uncluttered appearance. They provide a fascinating choice for people seeking something unique but not as popular.

We can deal with several additional stones, including limestone and sandstone, in addition to these typical materials, upon request. Our team of experts is prepared to cooperate with you in selecting the best material for your bevel marker to serve as a lasting memorial to your loved one.

Complete Creativity In Personalizing Bevel Markers

Customization is the key to making a bevel marker that wonderfully remembers your loved one. At Monroe Monuments, we take great satisfaction in our ability to realize your vision by creating distinctive memorials in New Jersey that pay homage to the lives and legacies of the departed.

We provide an extensive range of design alternatives. Our talented artisans may engrave any design onto your preferred bevel marker, from classic choices like crosses and flowers to more distinctive options like sports emblems or musical notes. We can fulfill your requests, whether they involve a complex piece of art or a straightforward line drawing.

Furthermore, you can completely personalize the text on your bevel marker. This could include the person’s name, birth, death dates, and a special message or cherished saying. Our team has experience engraving in several fonts and styles so that you can count on a stunning presentation of your message.

You can also change the bevel marker’s shape. While the standard rectangle is frequently selected, some families prefer unusual forms like hearts or ovals. We can even carve the stone into a specific condition, like a tree or a book, to make your monument unique.

Finally, think about including a ceramic photo plaque. These photographs are glazed onto the pottery permanently, producing a vivid and durable impression. A lovely picture of your loved one can add more meaning and emotion to the monument.

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Our team at Monroe Monuments is dedicated to making your ideas a reality, no matter what they may be. We are here to make sure that your gravestone marker in New Jersey serves as a place to remember, reflect, and celebrate the life of your loved one as well as a place to mourn.

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