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The Finest Monument Selection in Morris County, NJ

grave markers in morris county nj
memorial monument in morris county nj
Plaques in Morris County NJ
lettering, etching & engraving stone monuments in NJ
Lettering & Etching
memorial monument in morris county nj
mausoleum builder in Morris County NJ
lettering, etching & engraving stone monuments in NJ
Restoration & Cleaning
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grave markers in morris county nj
Grave Markers
Mausoleum builders in Morris County NJ
memorial monument in morris county nj
Memorial Monuments
Plaques in Morris County NJ
Bronze & Granite Plaques
lettering, etching & engraving stone monuments in NJ
Lettering, Etching & Engraving
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Our Coverage Area Includes All of Northern New Jersey

We specialize in providing the finest customized monuments, memorials, bronze plaques and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can keep your loved one’s memory unforgettable.

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Monuments in Morris County, New Jersey

Double Stone Monument in Morris County NJLocated in Morris County, New Jersey, Monroe Monuments is a retailer dedicated to serving the needs of the local community as well as greater NJ areas. We understand that selecting a monument for a loved one who has passed away is a highly emotional and personal experience, so we will assist you every step of the way in selecting the perfect
marker to commemorate the life of that special person.

As many generations to come will visit the site, we provide exceptional workmanship and use only high quality materials that stand the test of time, and for your peace of mind, we guarantee both. Please call or stop by our store if we can be of assistance to you in your time of need.

Why Monroe Monuments?

  • Local Company Based in Butler and Serving all of Morris County, New Jersey
  • Experience That Dates Back Over 80 Years
  • We Love Designing and Building for All Faiths!
  • You Dream It, We'll Build It! Full Customization Available to You
  • Affordable Pricing but High Quality Service
  • Fabricated & Cut Stone Right Out of Our Morris County Store, We Don't Import!
  • A Full Showroom Available with the Very Best Customer Support Available
  • Timely Service

Our Specialties

  • Enormous Selection of Monuments
  • Custom Grave Markers
  • Exquisite Headstones
  • All Types of Memorials
  • Granite Plaques & Bronze Plaques
  • Custom Monument Fabrication, Design & Installation
  • Decades of Experience Creating All Types of Memorials
  • Monument Refinishing & Restoration
  • Lettering, Etching & Engraving
  • Mausoleum Design & Building

The Types of Monuments That We Offer

Angel-Carved Granite HeadstoneIn our New Jersey showroom, we display the wide variety of styles to pick from, made from the material of your choice. Granite is the most popular material as it is durable and tolerates all types of climates.

Bronze is also an excellent choice as this metal will not rust or decay. Marble is beautiful, and is available in a wide range of colors and styles, but is not as weather-resistant or durable as granite. Before choosing one, it is important to inquire with the cemetery as to which material and style they allow on their site. Here is a list of the types of markers currently available.

Single Stone

Designed for a single plot, it is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Double Stone

Also known as a companion monument, it marks two plots and may showcase the family name, if desired. This is often the preferred choice for a husband and wife, life partners, siblings, etc., and also comes in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Family Monument

This is a popular choice for those who have several family member plots next to each other and serves as a focal point for the entire group. The family name is displayed if desired and smaller markers for each individual may be added as time goes on.

Flat Headstone

A flat headstone lays flat on the ground and is one of the most common and affordable type available, and there are several colors and sizes to choose from.

Slant Style Monument

These stand upright at a slant, with or without an attached base. Typically, they are up to three feet high, have a 45 degree slope and the face is polished. They are easier to locate from a distance and easy to read, as well.

Bench Style Monument

Made of granite, these are an excellent choice for those who wish to sit and visit with their loved ones. These are versatile, as they can be combined with another marker or used alone, and a seat back is optional.

Angel Shaped Monument

Angels are the connection between heaven and earth and symbolize love and protection. These beautiful markers are available in several sizes and colors.

Cross Monument

A symbol of love and sacrifice, this is another exceptional choice to memorialize a loved one and we have many color, size and style options available.

Star of David Monument

An important symbol of Jewish faith, the Star of David consists of six points created by two interwoven triangles. This is another style that is highly customizable in size, shape and color.

Monroe Monuments' Custom Styles Available to You

Custom Bench Memorial Monument in Morris County NJOnce you have chosen the type of marker from the many choices above, you now have the option of selecting from many styles and customization options for your loved ones’ resting place.

When it comes to your design preferences, the sky is the limit. We can’t stress this enough. Below is a list of the styles available.

  • Select Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Vega Blue
  • Tropical Green
  • Strawberry Red
  • Royal Mahogany
  • Multi-Color Red
  • Pastel Pink
  • Paradiso
  • Mauve
  • Rose
  • Black
  • Dakota
  • Mist
  • Impala
  • Evergreen
  • Crimson
  • Charcoal
  • Blue Pearl
  • Black Galaxy
  • White
  • Bahama Blue
  • And much, much more…

Custom Monument Services We Provide in Morris County, NJ

Once you have chosen the type and style, we offer several customization options available which set it apart from all others. After all, your loved one was unique, and their monument should be unique, as well.

Custom Shapes

Please visit our store in Morris County, NJ to see the vast array of shapes we have on-site or inquire about the specific shape you would like to create.

Custom Lettering

We offer several options for custom lettering. For example, cut-in letters allow the letters to appear deeply set into the stone, or raised letters, where they appear to rise above it. And lettering is available in several colors, as well.

Custom Etching

Custom etching is what really sets it apart from all others. Bring in a photo of your departed loved one, or any image of your choice depicting items such as a wedding ring, flowers, hobbies they had, sports symbols, animals, etc. Whatever they cherished most in life would be an excellent choice.

Monument Refinishing & Restoration Solutions in Morris County, NJ

Our monument restoration service returns an older marker to its original beauty. Factors such as an extended period of time, inclement weather and even overhead trees can eventually affect its appearance causing it to look dull and worn. And we can even restore bronze markers to their original shine.

Providing the Very Best Monuments, Memorials, Plaques, or Headstones in Morris County & Northern, NJ