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Family Upright Headstones Dealer in NJ

If you are looking for headstones for multiple family members, a triple may be just what you are thinking of. Monroe Monuments specializes in designing, fabricating and setting all types of family headstones for customers throughout New Jersey. Every family has a unique tale to share. It is a story laced with love, successes, memories, and shared goals.

We have the honor of assisting families in carving their distinctive stories into the timeless beauty of stone at Monroe Monuments in New Jersey. Our extensive selection of triple upright monuments and family upright headstones guarantees that your family’s legacy will always be remembered.

The Three Upright Monuments’ Eloquent Expressions

Triple upright monuments, composed of three separate components, provide a memorable and evocative method to honor the familial connection. These monuments offer the space to reflect the intertwined relationships, whether it’s an homage to parents and a kid, three siblings, or even three generations.

The Significance of Unity in Design

The design of a triple upright monument frequently depicts the harmony and shared journey of the three people it honors. The larger, more prominent central stone often represents the family’s connection. The slightly smaller flanking stones stand in for the people connected by this link. This arrangement’s beauty resides in its capacity to convey the power of oneness while recognizing the value of each person.

A Story Canvas for Your Family

Triple upright monuments have a large surface area that offers plenty of room for inscriptions and embellishments. This allows you to immortalize your family’s journey through engraved notes, symbols, and elaborate scenes representing special occasions or shared interests. Each component you pick contributes to your family’s story, transforming the monument into a unique memorial.

Family upright headstones symbolize a shared legacy, love, and experiences. They serve as a focal point for remembering and celebrating a family’s journey collectively while appreciating each individual’s unique contribution to the shared story.

The Beauty of a Family Legacy

Family or Triple-Size Headstones are large and this is highly beneficial if you have a lot to say or display in terms of imagery within design. There is always plenty of room to work with. The design team at Monroe Monuments will work with you to craft your ideas into something timeless and cohesive.

Family upright headstones have plenty of room for engraving artwork, dates, epitaphs, and private inscriptions. Each element of these headstones can represent a cherished memory, a family emblem, or a characteristic of your family’s history, resulting in a thorough memorial that fully conveys your family’s story.

Offering expertly made triple upright monuments and family upright headstones, Monroe Monuments, NJ, is proud to be a part of your family’s journey. We aim to give the ties, memories, and affection that define your family a physical form. To produce a timeless monument that will be remembered for decades, we make sure that every stone we carve, every word we engrave, and every design we create resonates with the depth of your family’s legacy.

Popular Colors Available for Family Headstones

Color is critical when it comes to family upright headstones and monuments. It enhances the monument’s aesthetic appeal and adds to its symbolic meaning. We at Monroe Monuments recognize the importance of color and have a wide variety for you to select from.

Elegant Black

Black is a classic color that denotes power and refinement. It ensures that your family monument shines against the lush cemetery surroundings by creating a magnificent contrast.

Tranquil Gray

Gray is a common color choice for headstones and monuments because of its calm and subtle elegance. It is an appropriate homage to the peaceful relationship of a family because it stands for harmony and balance.

Warm Red

Granite, in particular, produces a vivid and warm tone when it is red. It is a beautiful representation of the heart of every family and stands for love and passion.

Pure White

White represents purity, tranquility, and unending love, particularly in marble. It offers a peaceful appearance amidst the natural landscape, giving family headstones and memorials a classic and elegant design.

Natural Pink

Pink is another color choice for granite that offers a calming and peaceful appearance. It stands for values frequently present in familial ties, such as love, elegance, and kindness.

Monroe Monuments will paint your family’s upright headstones and monuments in a wide range of colors, serving NJ and the surrounding areas. Your monument’s color will serve as a subtle yet effective means of communicating your family’s legacy and adding to its distinctive story. Every hue has its visual appeal and symbolism, ensuring that your family monument will be as remarkable as the link it symbolizes.

Unique Styles for Every Family Monument

The monument’s style and color should be considered while selecting one to honor your family’s legacy. For family upright headstones and triple-size monuments, Monroe Monuments in New Jersey offers a wide variety of designs to make sure your decision reflects the particular journey of your family and your aesthetic preferences.

Traditional Design

Traditional headstones and monuments are timeless because of their rectangular shape and rounded tops. Their timeless appearance works well with various customizing possibilities, such as complex carvings and unique inscriptions.

Cross Monuments

These headstones, which either have a cross etched on them or have one carved into them as part of the memorial, are a potent option for families who want to emphasize their religious beliefs. The cross can be left plain or decorated with extra patterns or symbols that have special meaning for the family.

A list of modern monuments

Our contemporary-style monuments offer various distinctive design options for families seeking something outstanding and contemporary. These can be inventive forms, clean lines, and abstract shapes that reflect a modern aesthetic while leaving room for individualized messages and tributes.

Heart Monuments

Heart monuments are a sentimental option for family headstones because of their emotional connotation. Each heart can represent a different family member, reflecting their distinct contribution to the family’s love and unity. This is frequently done in triple-size monuments.

Book Monuments

Open-book monuments in the shape of books represent the continuing story of a family’s journey. They offer plenty of room for engraving family lore, individual tributes, or dearly held quotations, expressing the family’s entire narrative.

Tree Monuments

Tree-shaped monuments are a lovely family option because they represent life, power, and growth. The family’s tenacity, expansion, and connectivity can all be seen in their elaborate design.

According to Monroe Monuments, every family has a particular tale that deserves to be presented uniquely. We’re here to assist you in choosing a design that symbolizes the character and legacy of your family, creating a timeless memorial that records your family’s history in stone.

Choosing the Ideal Size Family Stone Monument

When erecting a memorial to honor your family’s legacy, size is as important as color and style. To ensure that your choice completely accommodates your family’s legacy, Monroe Monuments in New Jersey offers a variety of sizes for family upright headstones and triple-size monuments.

Standard Sizes

Family upright headstones usually begin at a regular height, width, and thickness of 36 inches, 6 inches, and 24 inches. This size is perfect for many families because it provides plenty of room for engraving text and symbols.

Large Sizes

We provide larger upright headstones for families with more members or those wanting more room for individualized inscriptions. These can be up to 36 inches tall and 48 inches wide, giving the cemetery landscape a more significant presence.

Triple-Sized Monuments

Triple-size monuments are noticeably larger since they are made to honor several family members. These imposing structures can be up to 36 to 48 inches tall and over 6 to 8 feet wide. Doing this ensures that each family member will have a special place on the monument for their memorial.

Custom Sizes

Every family is different, and we recognize that at Monroe Monuments. Because of this, we provide custom sizes to meet your family’s unique requirements and tastes. Our dedicated team will cooperate with you seamlessly to develop a fitting memorial, whether you need a monument more prominent than usual or a particular size for a unique design.

Monroe Monuments guarantees that your family’s upright headstone or triple-size monument, whatever the size you select, will be a dignified legacy that endures the test of time. Our team will walk you through the process and assist you in choosing a size that best reflects your family’s heritage and blends in with the surrounding landscape of the cemetery.

A Wide Array of Materials for Family Headstones

The material is essential when choosing a monument to honor your family. The selection of material influences the monument’s strength and beauty, adding to the memorial’s emotional impact. Monroe Monuments serves NJ and the neighboring areas, offering high-quality materials for your family’s upright headstones and triple-size monuments.


Granite is the most widely used material for monuments because of its durability and range of color options. Granite offers a sturdy and lovely homage to your family’s past, whether it is the sophisticated black, peaceful gray, vivid red, or natural pink.


The pristine white color and natural marble veins make it a timeless and elegant material for family memorials. It offers the headstones a distinctive and sleek finish, representing purity and endless love.


Family memorials can have a historical and respectable look thanks to bronze. Plaques attached to granite bases frequently employ this material, which creates a stunning contrast and a hint of classic beauty.


Sandstone gives a cozy and rustic appearance with its earthy tones and natural texture. Sandstone can be a desirable option for individuals seeking a distinctive and natural look while not being as popular as granite or marble.

We know the value of the raw material in creating a monument that will endure. Whether you choose the timelessness of granite, the classic elegance of marble, the historical richness of bronze, or the rustic charm of sandstone, we guarantee quality and longevity. Each item we offer gives your family a solid, long-lasting basis to celebrate and commemorate its journey.

Customization Options Just for Your Triple Headstone

Personalization is important when it comes to respecting your family’s legacy. Monroe Monuments in New Jersey offers a range of personalization options for family upright headstones and triple-size monuments to make your memorial as unique as your family.

Scripts That Are Engraved

We understand the importance of a monument’s inscription, as it serves as the very foundation of memories and emotions. That’s why our team of highly skilled engravers will diligently handcraft each and every letter with the utmost care and accuracy, whether it be a heartfelt message, a profound quote, or the cherished names and dates of your loved ones. We truly value the sentimental value that each inscription holds and will work diligently to ensure that it is crafted with the respect and reverence it deserves.

Etched Designs

Another level of personalization is provided through etched designs. These patterns, which range from delicate floral themes to elaborate representations of your family’s history or religion, will improve the beauty and sentiment of your monument.

Inserts with photographs

Photographic inserts add a touching, individual touch. These porcelain images, set in stone, preserve a visual recall of your loved ones for all time.

Bronze Plaques

Consider attaching bronze plaques to your monument to give it a touch of traditional elegance. These plaques come in various patterns, such as book shapes or scroll styles, and can be engraved with the text of your choice.

Inlays made of granite or marble

Granite or marble inlays can be utilized to add a beautiful contrast or a complex design to the headstone for a genuinely unique monument. With this special touch, your memorial will stand out for its beauty and individuality.

At Monroe Monuments, respecting each family’s journey is essential. We’ll work with you to create a monument that tells the narrative of your family in a lasting and heartfelt memorial, whether through inscriptions, carvings, etchings, images, plaques, or inlays. You can always count on us to create something completely orginal, exquisite and respectful to the memories of your loved ones.

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